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Top summer styling tips from fashion blogger, Chasing Cait


Caitlin Taylor
Chasing Cait

Caitlin Taylor is an Auckland personal stylist and everyday fashion blogger. She likes raspberry liquorice, is left handed and spends her spare time watching cats on the internet with her husband (I mean, who doesn’t right?!).

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This time of year is always my favourite time of year (well now until April, so basically any time it’s not cold, that’s the Queenslander in me!).

Want to know why I love it? Because you can pretty much wear what you want!

It’s not super-hot, it’s not really cold, so if you feel like wearing jeans, the temperature is perfect for jeans, but if you want to break out the summer dresses (like I have, it’s the Queenslander again!) it’s warm enough to wear them too!

BUT, as a personal stylist, this is also a busy time of year for me because I know that it’s when you start to look at your wardrobe and maybe realise you don’t have that much to wear that you feel good in.

That’s where I come in, so I’ve got four top tips to kick-start your style in time for summer…

Chasing Cait
Get your styling help for summer!


  1. Chasing Cait
    De clutter your wardrobe and make some room for this season!

    Clean out your wardrobe

You need to start with a relatively clean slate!. Get rid of what you aren’t wearing, and make way for some fun new stuff (check out my e-book Kick-start Your Style in 10 Days for the EXACT steps to a great wardrobe cleanout and more)

  1. Hit the shops at the right time!

Ugh, Christmas shoppers right? Make sure you choose the times you hit the stores well. Extended Christmas hours haven’t kicked in yet, but some malls now have extended trading hours most nights (Sylvia Park is open to 7pm most nights and 9pm Thursday AND Friday)
Or, hit the stores first thing – the staff are fresh, the stores are tidy and the carparks aren’t as full, all keeping your stress levels down!

  1. Learn to love the skin you’re in!

Summer can be a scary time for us girls, because, you know, arms. But guess what, no one is as worried about your arms (or tummy, or varicous veins) as you are.

It’s really important to love the skin you’re in, after all, the body you have is the only one you’ve got so dress to show off your good bits (yes, we all have them!) and go out and enjoy the mild weather!

4. Come to one of my styling workshops! (shameless plug here, but trust me, they are really educational and fun!)

Held in central Auckland every month this workshop is designed to help you build your confidence through learning how to dress best for your shape, size and personal style, in a fun, laid-back environment on a Sunday afternoon.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women in Australia and New Zealand in my time as a personal stylist. I’ve taken all that knowledge and bundled it up in to an easy-to-follow and practical workshop, to help you get the most out of of your time with me. You’ll get take-home worksheets so you can put into practice what we learn in YOUR wardrobe and everyday life at home!

The workshop is limited to 8 people, so there will be time to get one-on-one help and advice.

More info, or to book, head to my website here:

So the moral of the story, be prepared, shop smart, feel good about yourself, and if in doubt, ask for help!

Happy Shopping!

Cait xoxo

Fashion styling workshop
At Cait’s workshop


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