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Megan fruit glassMegan Singleton – Editor

Hi, I’m Megan, a travel writer, blogger and honorary Aucklander having called this busy metropolis my home since 1993 (before many of you were even born?!) I love Auckland. I decided when I was 10 years old that I wanted to live here, so after a circuitous route from Hawkes Bay via five years in London, I ended up living the dream!

This site is my folly. It’s a chance to share the things I love about Auckland: restaurants I salivate over, cafes that serve coffee worth blogging about, bars to visit when you’re looking for somewhere new to go, events that are on all over the city and anything else that I think of.

My “day job” is a travel writer and blogger and if you want to read all about places to go all over the world, jump over to Travel Blogger at Large and let yourself be inspired.

I also have a weekly travel column in the NZ Herald and speak each week on Newstalk ZB to Andrew Dickens as the Sunday travel correspondent.


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